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2024s-2028s: Overview on Academics (From the REV20 Overview)

  • REVlax expects academic achievement. Players are expected to maintain a cumulative semester average of at least an 82 or B- (documented learning disabilities are taken into account), no matter the school, grade, or level of the class(es). Players are placed on probation for not meeting this expectation.
  • Players are expected to e-mail their transcripts/comments at each marking term. Players are not chased.
  • Failure to submit report cards results in probation. The continuation of this failure results in suspension for a month, including paid events, with no refunds and no contact with the Staff.

Where to send your grades?

Note:  Please do not text us your grades, email them!

Format & Other Specifications
We understand that many of you have access to student portals and can see your grades constantly. When you submit them, we need your final grades/comments from that marking term (whether it is Quarters, Semesters or Trimesters).  We also ask that you submit these as a PDF format, At the end of the year, we need your final transcript for the year.

Please see below for some examples.

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